Why you would write a book for online business

The negatives must also be mentioned for balance. There is a belief that because there is so much information online, people are not that into books anymore. Let’s look at the Amazon sales to reconsider this belief and you be the judge.

Go to www.amazon.com and choose Kindle and just to be inspired choose a Best Seller category. Scroll to Product Category and you’ll see the Page Rank is #1. This is the best and the higher the number the lower the book sales. To know how books are selling, Amazon gives them a sales rank number. This figure changes all the time and is updated hourly by Amazon using their guarded algorithm.

The joy of self publishing for business and pleasure

As a professional, or with a personal journey to share, you are an Expert and have a place in the vast self-publishing empire. Writing a book is easy. Writing an excellent book is harder. If it were really easy, we’d all be authors earning a 5 figure monthly passive income from our book sales. If you love research and writing, self-publishing will provide hours of satisfaction and revenue.


Before you sigh, thinking a book a book would be an online strategy you would like to pursue but don’t have the time or skill, then there are “done for you,”  writers and publishers. With these services, you can have your book finished in a matter of months rather than a year or two.

These services generally interview you, once, twice even more and then write the book for you according to your book structure and logic. T

hey also arrange for the book to be designed, create the cover, launch, and market the book. All this happens with you by their side providing input every step of the way. If you have a few thousand dollars to invest in your business but no time to write this could be worth considering.

If you would like to write your own book as most people do, the Self -Publishing  School is the Savvy Experts Online service we recommend.  Chandler Bolt takes you step by step through the process of writing, launching and marketing.

There are many other reasons to self-publish whether you write the book yourself or take a “done for you” service. A book will support your business in many ways.

  • You will research your topic thoroughly and know it inside out.
  • Your tribe (i.e., the audience) will find you, and you will find them.
  • Your book will increase your local and global exposure.
  • A book supports your credibility.
  • You can build your book into an online business.

Planning and writing a book is an excellent strategy to develop a clear focus for your business. Formulate a strategy for your content and re-purpose, for example, a collection of blogs can start your book.