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I believe that having a job such as working online can be beneficial for more than just me.

Savvy Experts Online opened doors that I never knew about before. It’s provided me with skills I never had before and you will always be learning new things along the way.

I worked with Judy for six months on a trainee program and know that online work can bring joy back to those who have lost it, those who have stopped caring about work or River                                those who like me have found it hard to find work. 



New Mum and Former UK International Fashion Buyer

Judy is quite an inspiration. I had the opportunity to live with Judy and her family.  Savvy Experts Online, Online Working At Home and many of her other 20 websites opened a new world of working to me.

I thought my career and earning capacity was going to take a dive down for too long once my daughter Harper arrived. Judy is a good an patient teacher, she has done the hard yards of learning how to piece what can seem a complex online world.

Savvy Experts Online is the best place to start your online transition. Thank You Judy, my working life is not over with children and like you I have have a good balance for living and loving and family.


Aimee Harm

Front-End Developer and CPA Accountant

Judy is a very switched on and savvy when it comes to working online and earning a living online. I love her methodical and logical thinking. Thank you, Judy.




Peter Jaques

Retired Veteran

Reading and implementing the content of this book has not only given me a new direction but an easy to follow pathway. Thank you Savvy Experts Online




Judi Jaques

Entrepreneur, Business Owner Online and Offline.

I found Judy a good 13 months ago, online. You might say, we clicked. Her book is insightful and upon implementing just a few strategies to do with Affiliate Marketing and running an online business my bottom line of online income has increased monthly. You are never too old to learn new systems and online business is all of that and more. Thank you Savvy Experts Online.