Your Blog will showcase your expertise, help you to find and connect to the people looking for your wisdom.

A Blogs can earn you a 7 figure income.

If you can write or have the desire to write well, then you can Blog. If you have information to share, you can Blog.

Many Blogs contain only a few paragraphs and instead include photo’s, lists, video’s and info-graphics. It’s good if you can write but not essential.

How you Blog and this is covered further on,  it depends on the type of business you want to create.

Either way, all Blogs connect people, spread ideas, foster friendships, create and build brand awareness, post news and events, articles and to position yourself in your industry as an expert.

Anyone can Blog as long as they truly know or have researched the subject matter.. Being an expert can arise from achieving qualifications, working as well ongoing learning.

It goes without saying that you need to love your topic or have a keen desire to learn more. Otherwise, your Blog it will become an unsustainable chore.

It you are not sure what to Blog  or want to start something new, take the Passion Test. 

The Passion Test is a free simple, yet powerful way to get clear about the five things that matter most to you. It’s an evidence based and powerful process to discover the priorities in your life.

Building Your Blog In a Day

Building your own Blog doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. You can set it up yourself or outsource this for under $100 US.

Blogging won’t make you rich quick, once it does, then a passive stream of income can be yours for years and decades to come, even an inheritance for loved ones. Be patience, nurture your audience, meet their needs, and watch your earnings grow. 

Is Blogging an Online Business?

You can make good money with a Blog using different money making strategies. First, for all the ways to earn, you must  tailor your business strategies to suit what you skills and what your like to do.

The Transferable Skills Checklist can help you to lay the right foundation and mix of money making strategies.

There are so many different ways a Blog can make money online and we cover this is detail, here are a few early ideas.

  • You can self publish and create a book using your blog posts and also launch a coaching career.


  • Even e-commerce online stores have better success with a blog featuring products, their benefits, a frequently asked questions section, reviews as well as customer stories.



Blogging has become an effective way to reach out and connect with your audience for solo professionals, businesses both large and small.

The many benefits of creating a Blog for online business include:

  • Recording a personal journey
  • Education
  • Information Sharing
  • Promoting a Brand
  • Promoting a Service
  • Starting a Business
  • Becoming and Authority
  • Extending your reach
  • Showing people how to do things

What to Blog About

You Blog content which is just the information you share.

There are many ways to create content from the slow to super fast using different strategies and software.

Blog content is called a Blog Post and can include:

How-to/Tutorials – Posts that teach readers how understand, develop and master skills. This type of post is an opportunity to showcase your credibility and expertise;

List Posts – These sequence information into a numbered list to help readers to know what to do and in the correct order. You can describe ….The 10 best …..; The 7 Worst……;

Backside Kick Posts – Where you disagree and give plenty of evidence and reasons why;

Photos – Sometimes a post can be no more than a photo or a photo of a quote. A photo will always enhance a post, after all a picture tells a thousand words and that is good for a blog writer, a picture can deliver emotion and imagination.

Research Posts – Simply ask experts or read about them in your field for a tip, then massage those answers into a new blog post, like 15 tools to improve your writing, and I’ll give you these later;

Case Study Posts – Once again, you can showcase your expertise by describing how you have helped a client to achieve their goals or solved a problem. You can describe their journey, the lessons and challenges;

Interview Posts -are another great way take the pressure off of you to create content. Talk to people relevant to your blog from great philosophers; other practitioners or your clients to get a fresh content.

Thought Leadership – Posts that explain anything in detail such as the evidence behind your work and advice. It may be about concepts your readers need to grasp in order to make progress or achieve a paradigm shift.

News – News in your industry or location, tourism, an event or published research or policy.

Definition – A post where specific explanations are required. This is useful in an industry where readers need to understand basic terms and words.

Info-graphic – These are so great at delivering hard to digest facts and figures.

SlideShares – Simply a slide show to deliver a message in an entertaining format.

Video – You Tube videos that you make or those of others can help you diversify your content.this can mean many things.

Take the next step and learn how How to Discover Your Best Topic, How to Set Up Your Blog, Finding Your Online Audience and How To Make Money With Your Blog.