How to create streams of online income using your 9-5 skills, knowledge and expertise


Any professional can create online income using Savvy Experts Online because it shows you how to find a profitable topic, and select the best fit online strategies all tailored to your experience and expertise.

One of the reasons I wrote Savvy Experts Online is to give you back your life, save you money and time.

Create new online income streams using what’s already in your head and heart.

What difference would an extra $50K per year, every year make? Are you wanting to earn more for a house, college debt, travel, retirement or just living the life you expected?

What if you could become a global authority reaching millions with your expert knowledge?

Create a path to worklife flexibility or prepare for a dynamic retirement.

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    Perhaps you have already read a book or tried a program about making money online. Are you are feeling hopeless because you can’t put the pieces of the puzzle together?

    I’m pulling back the curtain. It has to be done. Revealing to you what others don’t.

    All of my knowledge and experience I have gained over the last 8 years can be found in this book.

    The wealth of knowledge contained within Savvy Experts Online and its resources could easily cost you thousands. It’s taken years of trial and error to work out how to transition 9-5 skills to create streams of online income.

    I’ve worked out why many online teaching programs don’t deliver on the promises. There is not one strategy that works by itself, and that’s what is missing in so many online teaching programs. They don’t connect the strategies together or tailor them to the person and their expertise.

    In my 9-5, I was desperate for a change. With a long commute to a job I loved, I couldn’t fit work, being fifty, fit and family into one life.

    Something had to give.

    With Savvy Experts Online, we cover 12 strategies. We show you the right steps to take for you and in the right order.

    You can make progress while you remain in your 9-5 job. Don’t QUIT YOUR JOB, there is no 4-Hour Week, at least in the beginning.

    You can do this and for 12 online strategies, this is what we’ll cover.


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