Over 50’s Online Success

We have an amazing business revolution at the time of our lives where decades of life and work experiences gives us a great advantage.

We can earn an income and have the flexibility to live the life as we choose, working where we choose, and when we choose.

Thinking about the road to retirement, it may be sweet and slow, or swift and unexpected.

Either way, it’s the time to leave the 9-5 and earn a living in a new way.

Discover your best skills suited to making money online with the Transferable Skills Checklist.


Over 50, you have decades of life experience and a wealth of knowledge, skills, expertise and probably you know many people.

You have accumulated years of experience from paid and unpaid work. Many careers suit online work.  Finance, business, law, advertising, marketing, real estate, health, community services, mental health, well being, hairdressing, sewing, photography, wood-turning, dog training and teaching. You CAN create an online business.

For many professionals such as teachers, nurses or doctors, the only way to earn an income has been by sitting face to face with students, clients or patients. Alternatively, being face to face in a beauty salon or retail shop or gym.

Imagine if you could take your understanding of people’s problems and develop solutions in a way that can be delivered online to a daily 3 billion global audience?

Imagine being able to earn and income from a passion you have nurtured over the years.

The list is endless, teach a craft, a sporting skill, how to apply makeup, plan for a baby, manage an illness, finances, etc.

There is a tsunami of opportunities to create online income using what you already know.

Make things happen

There are many reasons why mature men and women are doing so well in business both offline and online. And, there is strong evidence that people over 50 have good reasons to feel optimistic.

12 reasons backed evidence why people over 50 are the fastest growing generation of online income earners.

In summary, we have

  • Increased wisdom and maturity;
  • Decades of life experience;
  • A deep understanding of problems
  • Found solutions that can help others;
  • Expertise built up from years in the workforce;
  • Credibility, influence and authority;
  • Learned how to work hard
  • Good time management skills;
  • Large professional and personal networks;
  • Experience developing quality relationships;
  • Many raving fans;
  • Testimonials about who we are and the value you offer.

You too can start an online business and be very successful.

It is never too late to get started to secure your future quality of life.

Make Money Online

The Sad Facts of Retirement

Here are some brutal retirement facts to motivate you on your journey to create online income streams:

  • 6 million Britons over the age of 50 have no pension plan;
  • 60% of Australian women over 60 have zero retirement funds;
  • 10% of women will retire with savings for a comfortable life;
  • 1 in two people over 50 will need to work beyond 77 years of age;
  • 1 in 8 workers expects they’ll never be able to retire;
  • Divorced, separated, or widowed people do not expect to have a comfortable retirement;
  • 1 in 3 current retirees realize they are underfunded to live well.

Most of us  are  living healthier and longer lives than previous generations. In general, women will live longer and maintain better health than men. The problem for women is they are more likely to be poorer later life.  Taking time out for caring and parenting can reduce income, delay or reduce employment and promotions.

For men and women, establishing streams of online income can save and extend lives. Often, it is medical care, insurances, and medicines people go without. A recent U.S. study reported people over 50 needed to earn more to cover the rising cost of living and 61% of men and women say health costs are the main reason they continued to work (9).

It is no surprise, the best way to enjoy the quality of life as you age is to have cash flow. So there are two choices: earn more or spend less on your way to retirement.

Just for fun, here are some ways to spend less in retirement:

  • Shop at factory outlets, only at sales and charity stores.
  • Use public transport.
  • Eat at home and don’t eat out.
  • Choose the cheapest power provider even if it is unreliable.
  • Drop the thermostat; wash in cold water.
  • Only holiday every few years.

Is this how you want to live?  In not, you have to find a way out.

An online income approach will help to improve your cash flow for freedom and flexibility. Let us get you started.


How good it would be to rely only on yourself and leverage the decades of experience and hard work to have an independent income.  You deserve it, and you can make it a reality.

 There is a favorite Savvy Experts Online quote, “Don’t wait for the light to turn on at the end of the tunnel, stride down there and turn it on yourself.” It inspires us every day.

Congratulations on taking responsibility for exploring other work-life options and reading thus far.

Discover your best skills suited to making money online with the Transferable Skills Checklist.