Let’s Get Technical – How To Start A Website with a Blog


Setting Up Your Blog and the Decision To Make

The two initial considerations are whether you will add a blog to an existing website or create a blog on a new website. Let’s look at starting from scratch first and like building a website; you need a blogging platform, a web hosting service, and a domain name.

  • Different Blogging Platforms

Choosing a blogging platform, there are over thirty to choose from so lets has a look at the different features of five. Before we do, like building a website, go with WordPress.org and here is a comparison table to support my recommendation.

Tumblr Ghost WordPress.com WordPress.org Squarespace
Free Free Free Free No free plan
Tumblr.com owns your site Blogger.com owns your site WordPress.com own your site You own your site You own your site as you buy their hosting
Not in Control Not in Control Not in Control Full Control, ie, self-hosted, eg, Hostgator Full control
Thousands of themes Limited themes, no plugins Limited themes and plugins Thousands of themes and plugins to choose Limited themes
You don’t make all changes You don’t make all changes You don’t make all changes You all make changes You don’t make all changes
Easy Set Up with good support community Easy Set Up Set Up Learning Curve Set Up Learning Curve Easy Set Up


A self-hosted blog means paying a company like WordPress.org to rent a host server, then downloading some blogging software from the host server to install on your own.

It is so easy to become overwhelmed with choice when considering an online business, the choice of blogging platforms is an example. You could spend the next couple of weeks reviewing the different options or take the advice given.

The general advice is to simply choose WordPress.org and take action and get started by following the steps on how to set up your Blog website.

Go with WordPress.org

What’s Next?

  1. Give Your Blog an Identity – A Name
  2. Choose the Best Online Name for Your Blog – A Domain
  3. Finding the online space to grow your Blog – A Host


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