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We are living in an incredible moment in time.  With technology, you can promote your expertise and reach a global audience.  Do you love to write ? The Self-Publishing is an online strategy worth looking at. 

The focus here is on self-publishing because it’s the easiest and cheapest publishing strategy for a newbie.You can read about why self publishing is best compared with other more traditional routes with this free report     

” Best Strategies from 30+ Best Selling Authors, Publishing Experts and Industry Leaders”. You can access this report by adding your name and email here .


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    Reasons why people write books for business.

    For now, the focus is on why a book will help your business. 

    • Create an income stream,
    • Build credibility and authority,
    • Provide value to your readers,
    • Your readers get to know you,
    • You readers learn how you can help them,
    • You can connect with your readers online,
    • You can build a simple author web page and sell your book,
    • You can publish your book on over 50 book selling sites. 
    • You showcase your Expert knowledge.

    With a book providing value to your readers, it’s possible to earn 5 figures every month or earn nothing at all. Just being able to put published author on your LinkedIn profile increases your credibility.

    We’re getting ahead of ourselves with book marketing. Let’s get the book written and there are hard ways and easier ways.

    The hard way to write a book for online business

    Lets get the book written so you don’t make our mistakes. As a professional and an expert, you want to be thorough and give your readers the best information.

    You can sit down at your computer, research, and write everything you know.

    My first book about online business was 60,000 words. This took me months and was so unnecessary to achieve my business goals ie

    • to find my online audience;
    • be of value to my readers and
    • add to my online income stream.

    This approach slowed down the progress of my online business. I was taking the 9-5 approach and not taking advantages an online business brings to fast tracking growth.

    The easier way to write a book to grow your business

    First, you don’t need 60,000 words. Most non-fiction books on Amazon that make it to the Best Sellers list are only 10,000 – 15,000 words.

    If you are not a writer there are easy ways to get words on paper.

    • Make a plan before you start

    Use a free tool called MindMap to structure your book. This tool is also helpful to structure the content of your website and all online creative work. With a plan you keep focused and this is essential when you get sidetracked. A MindMap will keep you on track and achieve your goals faster. 

    If you want to improve your writing, “Grammarly” is the go to tool. Once you have the software loaded to your computer all writing is checked. In your word docs, website, social media posts and emails.

    Personally, I wouldn’t be without it to pick up typo’s and errors. There is a free version and premium package that’s still pretty low cost.

    There is another tool which I have only trialed and it seems as good as Grammarly. It’s called , “Pro Writing Aid Editing Tool” it cheaper than the Grammarly premium and gives a 14 day trial. 

    • If you want to reduce the ” wordiness” of your writing or see where you are being wordy or find “hard to read’ sentences then  the Hemingway App. is what you need. For one fee of under $20 US or use the free version it’s worth your valuable time.


    • If you don’t like writing, use a talk to text software.

    Voice recognition software is a good way to get your thoughts on paper. We use Naturally Speaking for our own voice and to transcribe video’s.

    Naturally Speaking software is good to “Brain Dump” your expert skills and knowledge as you structure and write your book. If you have a long commute, you can even record on your phone while driving. 

    • If you just want someone to help, there are editors to help you planning, writing and polishing ready for self-publishing. You can find editors on Fiverr however do your research, read reviews, know why you want and editor. To help at the beginning or structure your book or right at the end before clicking the “publish” button.
    • There are also professional services who will work with you to plan you book and they will use your material and ideas to write the book. If you have a few thousand dollars to spare, this is the fastest way. 


    Here are 18 advantages of self-publishing for your online business.

    1. eBooks are cheaper to buy so more people will read your book,

    2. eBooks can be delivered with one click.

    3. Readers can sample the book for free.

    Even if they do not buy your book, a sample will contain all of your business, expertise and contact details. 

    4. Revisions and updates can re-published without hassle.

    5. It’s much cheaper to self-publish. 

    6. It’s quicker to self publish

    7. You have 100% control over the content, book design and cover.

    8. eBooks can be read anywhere, like on an iPad, computer, eReader, or phone.

    9. eBooks can be printed on demand. This printing strategy is cost efficient, and you won’t have unsold books in your living room.

    10, There are over 50 sites where you can promote your book to reach a global audience.

    11. Easy book marketing strategies are available from good trainers and easy to master.

    12. Book cover design is easy and cheap on Fiverr. 

    13. You can find good editors and designers on Fiverr or 99 Designs, just depends upon your budget

    14. Your author platform for your followers to reach you needs to be built once. It will be ready for your next book promotion. 

    15. Income earning book needs to be only 10,000 – 15,000 words.

    16. Write a series of books using your expertise gained from decades of life and work experience.

    17. Books can provide a passive income earned while you are asleep or away doing other things you love. 

    18. The revenue from books can go on forever and be passed on as an inheritance.