Give An Online Transition a Chance – Have No Regrets

The goal of Savvy Experts Online is to help you to live the life you want, to be more, become more and to give more.  Life is short, make the most of every day.

In 2013, an Australian palliative nurse counseled the dying in their final weeks of life in “Regrets of the Dying”. She asked men and women about regrets and if they would have lived life differently.

The number one regret was “people are not brave enough to pursue their dreams and only settled for what others want.”


 I hope you still have many more years to live, be sure to make time for your dreams. Start working toward your goals now; don’t put things off until it is too late.

 On the other side of the world, a blank chalkboard stood in the middle of New York City. Written on the board was “What is your biggest regret?”.

People of all ages wrote on the board. Some were afraid, and some became tearful.

Like the palliative nurse in Australia, all responses had one theme in common. 

The biggest regrets were that people were not doing something important to them, they were not focused on their passions, and not taking action toward their dreams.

Check out this short video and see what people said.


Too often we fulfill the needs and desires of others.

Focus on your passion and develop your online business around what you love to do.

Pursue your goals, achieve financial plenty, fulfill your dreams, and help others realize theirs.

Are there barriers stopping you taking action?

Don’t let age stop you.  

Age; is an advantage as you have contacts, credibility, expertise, authority, wisdom, and experience.

Disability should not stop you.

The online world is a democratized opportunity for all.

Savvy Experts Online seeks out inspirational stories to expose the possibilities.

One case study is about a man, Jon Morrow with muscular dystrophy and only able to move the muscles in his face. With the extraordinary “can do” approach from his mother and his determination, he has a million dollar blogging business and helps others to the same.

Here is what one of Savvy Experts Online clients, a 23-year-old living on the autism spectrum who could not work the 9-5 said about our mentoring?

“Its difficult to find work you’re interested in let alone something at all. But online work provides you with thousands of opportunities you would have never expected.

I believe that online work can bring joy back to those who have lost it, those who have stopped caring about work or those who like me have found it hard to find work.” 

Peter, Being Mentored by Savvy Experts Online