Online Working at Home Starter Checklist

What if you could quickly identify your best skills to build an online presence?

Discover which online business strategies best suit you. Reach more people, connect, engage, give more, be more and earn more.

Take your knowledge, skills, and expertise to a new level. Become a national or even global influencer and authority.


Everyone has transferable skills to create online income streams as a side income for living, to support a charity or a complete change in how you work and live.

Discover your Transferable Skills, fill in your name and email, and you can have immediate access to the Checklist.



  • Write about your expertise
  • Teach, Coach, Mentor or Consult
  • Design,
  • Engage, Connect or Entertain
  • Research or Analysis

You have a head start in online freelancing, blogging, self-publishing, creating an online course or membership site.


Imagine being able to

  • Create online products, services, and programs
  • Reach and service your community with confidence
  • Connect with integrity
  • Engage in an authentic and meaningful way
  • Have the technical know-how to transition online
Creating an online presence and building an online business is not a difficult as you might think.
Yes, there are new skills to learn or outsource, yes at times you will feel overwhelmed. 
  • No, you don’t have to feel alone on your journey
  • No, you don’t have to work 12 hour days
  • No, you won’t have to sacrifice your health
  • No, you won’t have to damage your relationships to get ahead
  • No, you don’t have a long commute
  • No, you don’t have to try every online business strategy to find the best fit for you
There are people who need to hear your message, access your expertise, connect and engage with you.
Satisfy your curiosity, take “The Savvy Experts Online Transferable Skills Checklist”.  Let me know where to send your checklist and fill in your name and email.
If you want to be more, give more, reach more people, earn more, build a flexible way to earn and live you need to take action. The reality is, and you know this already. If you want a different life, different results, make a bigger impact, earn more you need to do something different.