Discover Your Best Blog Topic

Finding Clarity

It is essential to be clear about the focus of your Blog, and it all starts with you.

Being clear about the value you can deliver to your audience is a critical success factor for how to monetize your Blog.

You don’t just want to build any online business.

There are plenty of people Blogging about anything without a strong base of knowledge. We want you to Rise Up and stand out and to do this, the time spent on clarity is time well spent.

Clarity leads to confidence and confidence leads to business success.

Without clarity and confidence, you can run around in circles chasing the next best idea or strategy. It’s easy to lose your way, become frustrated and give up.

By following these next steps, you’ll create the foundation for your authentic and genuine business. These are the types of businesses that succeed, both offline and online.


Step 1 is about thinking of your skills and your experiences with a new lens, and that is a blogging lens.

A business that focused on providing valuable service or product to a group of people who need it to solve a problem, a curiosity or to be entertained.

What is your Blog About?

To start, think about what have you loved about your work, your life or your passions. Finding what excites and inspires you will sustain you during the phases of business development and growth.

It is not just about finding a profitable area of focus or niche; it is about finding your value and your value to others.


Your existing knowledge and skills can provide the foundation for your online business.

You’ll find your skills, experiences, credentials, results, and track record that will tailor your business idea.

When you move through the steps in this workbook, don’t just think about what you do in the 9-5.

As you discovered in The Transferable Skills Checklist, it is easy to have skills that go unrecognized such as home duties including parenting, supporting family members and friends; volunteer or community work.

How A Hobby Can Earn 10K A Month

Women are making $10K per month with a focus on Scrapbooking, Bread Baking, Knitting Patterns, so don’t just focus on what you do every day in the 9-5.


You may have expert skills in a sport or hobby. Perhaps you have coached a team for years, and developed skills in managing a team, working to organize others in sport.

You may have mastered getting things fixed up around the house, know how to hire tradesmen.

You may have needed to be an advocate for someone in need or medical care.

There are so many different skills people gain during life that you can share with others wanting to know more and have a solution to their problems.

Why Experience Sets You Up For Online Success

If you have been in the workforce for over ten years, twenty years or even more, you have many years of experience to reflect upon to help people solve problems.

You will also have credibility and authority and easily find proof of your expertise with years of work and life experience.

The free Workbook is there to help you. Write down your thoughts over several days and lay the best foundation for your profitable Blog.

We also include how to find your audience online, how to assess their needs and whether what you want to Blog about is a good fit for income potential.

Make Money Online


What Stirs Your Emotions?

You are now going to spend time making lists of your attributes.

Start by thinking about your answers to these questions:

  • A topic I like to read about is ……………
  • I am good at ………….and would like to help others with ………..
  • I don’t know much about …………..however would invest my time in researching this and helping others
  • If I could only have one area of focus for my working life for the next five years, I would choose ……………………………………………………………………………
  • I have always wanted to learn ……..
  • What gives me joy in my work is ………………………….


For your natural talents, is there something that comes to you very easily and you are good at it without much effort, or because you are enthusiastic about doing it.

What do people say you are great at, and this could be at home, in your job or elsewhere.

Have you experienced a life situation where you encountered a set back that you were able to overcome, think about what you learned from this?

There are more steps in the workbook including whether your Blog topic has earning potential.


In summary, answering these questions will help you to decide the focus or niche for your Blog

  • What do you spend your time thinking about
  • Do you have a never-ending interest
  • Are you a member of a Facebook Group and read every post and comments
  • Is there a common theme about the books or online content that you read about?
  • What are you an expert in
  • What would you like to become an expert in
  • What are your credentials
  • What have you read more than five books in
  • What do you spend your money on
  • What makes you cry, feel angry or happy
  • Look for the times when you have experienced bliss
  • Is there a life experience that has made an impact on your life or others
  • What would you most like to change in yourself or the world
  • Do you donate to a charity regularly?


We also provide information about how to find your online audience, the things to consider when choosing a Blog Name and finding your domain name, ie, .com. Here is a summary of the different strategies to consider when setting up your Blog.