Why you would write a book for online business

The negatives must also be mentioned for balance. There is a belief that because there is so much information online, people are not that into books anymore. Let’s look at the Amazon sales to reconsider this belief and you be the judge. Go to www.amazon.com and choose Kindle and just to be inspired choose a Best Seller category. Scroll to […]

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11 Tips to be followed on Linkedin


Five hundred million professionals use LinkedIn every day to grow their networks, find a new job, build careers and grow their business. If you are connecting business people and professionals, LinkedIn is a must for your social media strategy. For experts wanting to connect with other experts and decision makers, there’s no better social media network than LinkedIn. Its’ the […]

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Freelance Your Skills

“To change the world takes time, to change yourself takes courage.” - R.S Lowel

Freelance Your Skills Now you have completed the Transferable Skills Checklist you are clear about your existing skills that best suit online business. With your Expertise + Transferable Skills, you find your best fit online business strategies. IF YOU CAN Write, Teach, Coach, Mentor or Consult Design, Engage, Connect or Entertain, Edit, Research or Analyse, Translate, or Transcribe and more […]

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Discover Your Best Blog Topic


Discover Your Best Blog Topic Finding Clarity It is essential to be clear about the focus of your Blog, and it all starts with you. Being clear about the value you can deliver to your audience is a critical success factor for how to monetize your Blog. You don’t just want to build any online business. There are plenty of […]

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Online Freelancing with Fiverr


If уоu’rе nоt fаmіlіаr with Fіvеrr, it is a wеbѕіtе аnd a ѕеrvісе where people саn оffеr thеіr ѕеrvісеѕ fоr as lоw as $5. Or, іf you’re looking for tasks to be done for you such as writing, web design, editing, graphics or hundreds of other things, Fiverr іѕ fаntаѕtіс. Yоu саn gо on оvеr to Fіvеrr, ѕеаrсh for dіffеrеnt […]

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First Online Transition Strategies

After you have completed the Transferable Skills Checklist, you will be thinking about different online strategies to suit your expertise and how to make money online. With your Expertise + Transferable Skills, you find your best fit online business strategies. Savvy Experts Online details the 8 most popular online business strategies. There will be one or two that fit the […]

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