Affiliate Training Resources

The Affiliate Mastery Institute has been the “GO TO” training for monetizing the Savvy Experts Online websites.

Judi Jaques, the founder of the Affiliate Mastery Institute, has been a very patient mentor for over two years and the results have transformed by online capacity.

I stumbled upon Judi and needed some one: one support for tricky “how to” technical issues. Her support answered my questions and cleared uncertainty so I could maintain momentum. After working with her I had eight websites up, connected to social media and building traffic.

There are other groups providing online training, and I’ve tried plenty. Another good general starting point is the program called the “Wealthy Affiliate.” The sales pages say “Learn how to take ANY idea/passion/niche and build a  business online. No experience necessary. No technical skills.”

I joined the “Wealthy Affiliate” program twice and followed their training, interacting with successful affiliate marketers. In reality, the problem with the Wealthy Affiliate, they make it sound so easy.

I recommend “Wealthy Affiliate” if you enter with realistic expectations, it’s not easy, and I think their training is simplistic. When you are starting out, “you don’t know what you don’t know” even with experts on hand to help. On their site and you can find it here, there are many testimonials of success.