Affiliate Mastery Institute

Our recommended Go To Trainer for Affiliate Marketing is the AFFILIATE MASTERY INSTITUTE.

After working with Judi Jaques, the program Founder for eight month I had 20 websites up and working including this one


There are three levels of training

Warm Up Monthly

This is the introductory level to all Basic areas needed to become a successful Affiliate Marketer. 

Easy Online Learning for beginners. 

With Warm Up Monthly,you are guided through a structured roadmap of video tutorials but still having complete flexibility in your Affiliate design choices.

The Affiliate Mastery System starts here, you just have the choice to start slow or as advanced as you wish.

WARM Up Yearly

The distinct difference between this level and the monthly level is not only the price but the increase in value. Both with all the Basic skills opened up at one rather that waiting each month.  You’ll still have the guidance and support of the month by month if you need it.

Build Up Program – Medium Paced Learning

Build up monthly includes all the BASIC Affiliate Mastery Links PLUS month by month, pay as you go the STANDARD Affiliate Mastery Links are supplied to you.

You will be encouraged to develop your own style as you build your affiliate websites.

You will discover how easy it is to use WordPress that is hosted meaning you have total control of exactly what content is seen.

You will be shown from the start how to build a fully responsive affiliate website. Learning is month by month.

Build Up Yearly

The main difference with this level as opposed to Build Up Monthly is the level of support, you are entitled to live chat support at this level. Plus you receive all the 12 months of Warm Up BASIC levels as well as ALL the STANDARD modules.

BONUS Featured Webinars

You receive 7 Extra Webinars you can watch at your leisure. These webinars are an inside depth look at different aspects of the program.

You are shown from the beginning, not only using a responsive theme but the addition of a couple of NEW plugins will always allow your websites and social media to be shown perfectly on all other devices, mobiles, tablets and desktops.

Rise Up – Fast Track

RISE UP LEVEL is the Affiliate Mastery Institute PREMIUM level of learning. The main difference here is not only receiving ALL of the BASIC and STANDARD modules, you also receive ALL the BONUSES and 2 video tutorials each month of the PREMIUM Training Videos.

Online Business opportunities are changing all the time. The Affiliate Mastery Institute keeps you up to date by issuing the updated modules as they are required and no further money is ever required for the updates.

RISE UP LEVEL allows you to use ‘LIVE’ chat. If, after listening to a video tutorial you still need assistance, then ask, it is there for you.

Rise Up – Yearly 

RISE UP LEVEL opens up your Affiliate training to the best you can receive. Our level of training here is described by some as world class.

RISE UP LEVEL YEALRY is our PREMIUM level of learning and you have immediate access to all of the Affiliate Mastery Institute resources and live chat. 


Your AFFILIATE MASTERY INSTITUTE program mentor is founder and CEO Judi Jaques.

A self-made business woman, who started her online business in 2010, that today secures her a regular six figures of passive income.

After 3 years of live regular workshops, all over Australia, Judi is more focused on developing her online presence, saying, “transition and change is challenging, but wonderful!”

Judi is often heard saying, “If it was meant to be, it is up to me!” She carries this mantra daily, and gives of her time often to her valued subscribers, offering her services in a 1:1 Skype call. She’s committed to Affiliate Marketing, and loves the constant evolution of digital marketing in general.

WARM Up Yearly

Build Up Yearly

Rise Up – Yearly 


Learn the strategies we’ve mastered specifically related to affiliate marketing

Freedom to choose the niche you are passionate about

Develop your own affiliate marketing business with our strategies and start earning by selling with your merchants

Choose the way you want your websites to look using our helpful tips to integrate crucial elements

You will master WordPress development with this easy online learning

Grow your online network

Control your own learning with monthly or yearly subscription options

Be the first to see us launch specialized topics

Easy online learning for beginners

Advanced techniques shown in specialized topics

The ability to start an online business whilst you’re still working

The potential to earn yourself more income after implementation

Ongoing live chat support Monday to Friday

One on one training if you desire

A set of skills that you can carry into any business or profession with an online presence

Mastering the techniques of learning how to sell other peoples products for a profit

Gain the knowledge to rinse and repeat as many times as you like to achieving your personal goals with affiliate marketing

WARM Up Yearly

Build Up Yearly

Rise Up – Yearly 


Discover our latest techniques for researching a niche market

How to build affiliate marketing websites

The differences between FAST and valuable content

A structured roadmap of video tutorials for you to follow & implement one at a time

Design and Develop Your Own eCommerce or Affiliate Marketing Website/s

How easy the wordPress platform is to manage widgets

Plugin combinations for affiliate marketers that are guaranteed to be compatible with the latest technology

Valuable insights into affiliate companies and special features we cannot dismiss telling you about

Strategies and techniques for driving traffic

SEO essentials that we have you ranking A LOT higher with the search engines

Automation with autoresponders and lead generation tactics that cannot be dismissed

5 social media marketing strategies we find vital to our affiliate journey

Backlinking and why you need to do it now

Keywords broken down in a specialized topic

Schema with webfire explained in a specialized topic

Webmaster and why we need it explained in a specialized topic

Quality, diverse and fresh content explained in a specialized topic

Quizzes, surveys, case studies and their importance

Visual media and why you need to use images & videos’ more
Maintaining and renovating your websites for continued optimization
Plus over 90 other features….undisclosed here and exclusive to subscribers only.


Anywhere you like with an internet connection

On your own device

Offering you over 100+ video tutorials

On demand posts

Easy to follow video step by step instructions

Weekly, fornightly or monthly news bulletins

WARM Up Yearly

Build Up Yearly

Rise Up – Yearly